Socom U.S Navy Seals: Combined Assault
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 Rules and Regulations

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PostSubject: Rules and Regulations   Tue Aug 14, 2007 4:38 pm

Chaos Tactics Rules and Regulations

1) ALL clans wanting admission to this tournament MUST submit an application on the CHAOS TACTICS Forums.
2) 20+ clans will be admitted to the tournament.
3)Clans will be selected by a GROUP of ADMINS assigned to this tournament previous to the applications be entered.
4)Each clan must be able to submit a 16 member roster minimum to ensure dependability.

1)Rosters will be submitted to an admin via Email or PM on the CT forums.
2)Rosters will be limited to 64 members.
3)Rosters WILL be able to be changed after they are originally submitted.
4)A player will be eligibile to participate with there clan 7 days after the players name has been submitted as an addition to the roster.
5)The names appearing on the Roster MUST be spelled correctly and be the Socom 3 / Combined Assault name the player intended to play on during the war.
6)Each Roster must be labeled with a clear Leader, Primary Representative, and Secondary Representative.
7)Every person on the roster must be on that clans actual roster.
8)Ringer names are not allowed and can result in a loss of a match.

1)Substitutions will be allows at ANY time during the match
2)The player replacing whoever is substituting out must be on the roster and if the player is found not to be eligible to play the clan at fault will forfiet the match.

Room Setup:
1)All room must be set up 15 minutes before the war is set to begin by the attacking clan.
2)All rooms must have Friendly Fire on.
3)All rooms must have all unavailable weapons turned off.
4)All rooms must be set to 11 rounds @ 6 minutes each.
5)All rooms will use a pre-determined password.
6)All rooms will be created with spectators on with a separate password issued for that use.
7)All rooms must be Unranked to prevent any entrance problems due to rank.
8)All rooms will ONLY include the one map being attacked and cannot be altered for any reason.

Weekly Meetings:
1)A Mandatory meeting will be held every monday for clan reps to get together and put together schedules for the coming week.
2)All Attacks and Defenses MUST be arranged by the end of the meeting.
3)Clans will also be expected to have their soldiers reconfigured and report where they are and how many the clan has on each territory to the meeting Moderator prior to scheduling any attacks or defenses.
4)All Meetings will be held @ 10:00 pm Est every monday during the course of the tournament.
5)All Wars must be scheduled between Tuesday @ 8:00 pm and Sunday @ Midnight.
6)Rooms will be made by the Admins and will be named: CT:KoK Meeting
7)All rooms will have a password that will be given to you clans primary and secondary rep after your clans acceptance into CHAOS TACTICS.

Maps and Sides:
1)All maps will be predetermined and attached to a particular territory.
2)Maps will be limited to Demolition, Control Points, and Suppression.
3)This Tournament will include both SCA and S3 maps.
4)The map type will be determined by the Attacking Clan.
5)Seeing as how there is a minimum of 8 players to be posted on each territories SMALL MAPS are allowed to be used. Should a clan put 8 soldiers on their territory then the options will be able to play it as follows: Big: Demo, Supp, Control or Small: Supp (Small Demo is and option for most SCA maps)
6)Whether the map is played on Day or Night will be determined by the Attacking clan. (This Only applies to maps who have the option to change whether it is played as night or day. Combined Assault Maps do not qualify and will be played as the default setting)
7)The sides for all matches will be determined by the defending clan.
(EX: If Clan A is attacking Clan B @ Anchorage, Clan A decides whether it is Anchorage Control, Anchorage Demo, or Anchorage Suppression. Clan B will the get to decide what side they want to play as on that map.)

Quick Fire Challenges:
(Quick Fire Challenges are issued to give clans or governments a chance gain advatages either in war or in attack strategy.)
1)Their will be random challenges issued throughout the tournament and each one will be given a deadline for all clans to participate in.
2)Every clan may compete in the challenge.
3)If the clan does not complete the challenge there will be no penalty.
4)All advantages given in the challenges are ONLY good for that week.

Territories and Players:
1)There will be 20+ teams each starting with 2 pieces of territory issued in the beginning of the tourney.
2)The map will be split into 2 Governments: The Revolutionary Government and the Monarch Government.
3)Each clan will be allowed 45 Soldiers despite the number of players on their roster.
4)The 45 soldiers will be distributed by the clans among their territories to decide how many players they can defend that territory with. (EX: If Clan "A" attacks Clan "B" on Territory C1 and Clan "B" has placed 12 Soldiers on said territory than the match will be a 12v12.)
5)The winning team will gain the attacked territory and apply a desired amount of soldiers to that territory not to exceed the 45 allowed over all of that clans territories.
6)The losing team will lose the territory they are defending and be forced to re distribute the number of soldiers placed on that territory among the ones they have left.
7)There is a 5 Territory Maximum for each clan. After the clan has reached their maximum they will be allowed to proclaim 1 territory “DEAD” after acquiring a sixth territory.
8)A “DEAD” territory is no longer owned by any clan and can not be claimed for the remainder of the tournament.

Attacking and Defending:
1)A clan MUST attack one available territory per week.
2)Clans Must attack a territory on the opposing regions side until they own a territory in that region. (Ex: A clan from the Revolutionary side cannot attack another Revolutionary clan if they do not already hold a territory in the Monarch Region)
3)Clans also CANNOT attack a clan in their own Government that does not own a territory in the opposing region.
4)If an attacking clan is victorious they will acquire the said territory and be given until the next meeting to reconfigure there soldier placement throughout there territories and it will be stuck in that placement until there next attack/defense.
5)If the defending clan losses their territory they will retain their amount of soldiers to redistribute to their remaining territories unless they were defeated by a sweep.
6)In the event of an unsuccessful attack neither clan will lose or gain either territory or soldiers.
7)In the event of a sweep the losing Defender will not only lose the territory but will also lose the number of soldiers they were defending with and give that number of available soldiers to the Attacking team. (Ex: If Team A attacks Team B and the match is a 12v12 then if Team A sweeps Team B 6-0 they will gain 12 soldiers for a total of 62 and Team B is left with 38)

1)Treachery is when a clan commits treason by attacking a clan in their own government.
2)Every clan starts out with helicopters that are provided by their goverment so they may attack ANY territory still owner by the opposing government.
3)Once a clan commits "Treason" their goverment wil cut them off from the use of helicopters UNTIL that clan has commited 3 successful attacks on the opposing government.
4)If a clan commits treason and has not redeemed themselves by commiting 3 successful atack against the opposing government without attacking their own former government that clan may only attack the territories touching the territory they already own.

Glitching and Cheating:
1)No glitching or cheating of any form will be tolerated.
2)Any clan proven to be glitching or cheating during a tournament war will be immediately removed from the tournament and any territories they may hold will be deemed “DEAD”
3)We consider glitching to be performing an action that is suppose to be impossible to do in game such as: Walking through walls, Going underneath the map, Shooting through walls.
4)Cheating will also be considered using any form of out of game and in-game options to gain an advantage that is not offered by the game itself for that purpose. Examples include: Using any in-game or out-of-game messaging service to increase communication, Having a player sit in the lobby during the game so that the opposing team cant get there final player in the match, having a person enter completely into the game on the opposing teams side or having any member in the war who is not on your submitted roster.

Quick Sniping

1)Quick Sniping is BANNED from use in CHAOS TACTICS.
2)Quick Sniping will be defined as jumping in the air and scoping in with a Sniper Rifle and firing your rifle before or during hitting the ground. If the player jumps, hits the ground, then starts to straffe before taking the shot it will not be considered Quick Sniping.
3)The only way to prove quicksniping will be video proof, OR to call in a moderator/admin to come in and witness the rest of the match.
4)If a clan is proven to be quick sniping they will be given 2 warnings in which they will lose a round for the first warning. And a Loss of the match for the second warning (Even if it there first warning in that match the previous warning is still counted)
5)If a clan is given warnings in more than 2 seperate wars on the third offense they will be automatically removed from the tournament.

Use of Ghillie Suits
1) Ghillie Suits are completely banned from being used in any map/war involved with CHAOS TACTICS.
2) The use of a Ghillie will result in a loss of the round used immediatley including the 1st round.
3) 1 round will be given to the opposing team for every round following if the player does not leave, change character and come back. This player CANNOT wait until they die to do so.
4) Leaving the match DOES apply even if it is a suppression and could cause you to lose that round. To prevent this please make sure all players are aware so that you will not have to foriet that round.

Trash Talking
1) Trashtalking is treated as an individual offense.
2) If a player is trashtalking, being racist, gender biased, or degrading in anyway to the opposing team or the CT staff they will be warned 1 time and that warning will apply to EVERYONE in the room.
3) From that point on forfiet of attacks for the following week of the clan involved and an individual suspension will be given to players with a minimum of 3 weeks going all the way to complete banishment from ANY and ALL CHAOS TACTICS Tournaments.
4) A complete ban or suspension includes losing the ability to participate in wars on ANY name and a Ban/Suspension from the Forums.
5) All of the above pertains to those actions being performed both IN and OUT of a war lobby. If a player follows the opposing clan to another room the same rules apply.

How this tournament will end:
1)Once the tournament reaches the final 6 clans the number of Maximum Territories will begin to decrease.
2)The first week of the final 6 clans are allowed a maximum of 4 territories.
3)The second week it will be a maximum of 3 territories.
4)The third week it will be a maximum of 2 territories.
5)Once the limit has reached 2 territories clans wil battle it out till there are only 2 clans left, these 2 clans will have 1 match of 5 maps, each clan will use their 2 territories and pick what side they like while the opposing clan chooses which style and time of day they play that clans territories on. The tiebreaker will be either Killingfields or Harvester Demo depending on what territories are being played as the other 4 maps.

Reporting a Glitch:
1) All claims must have PROOF. Proof may include a picture (if it is an obvious glitch such as someoe being in a wall or on a roof they shouldnt be) OR a Video for those reporting things such as soft spotting and quicksniping. The proof must CLEARLY show the person performing the action.
2) All reports are to be made within 24 hours of the match taking place via PM to one of the admins.
3) If there is a problem with the roster please understand that if you green up in the lobby with that person being there you are agreeing to playing with them throughout the ENTIRE match. If the player joins mid game you have 2 rounds to ask them to leave and if they do not then take a picture of you asking for them to leave and a picture of the following round with the player still in the room. With no ref present it will become a forfiet of the match in question if a ruling is made in favor of the clan submitting the proof.

Spots that CANNOT be used In-Game:
1) Tidal Fury (Supp): Cannot spawn on top of the pillars on suppression.
2) Aftershock (All): Cannot throw grenades from the spawn over the wall to the water area.
3) Retaliation (All): Cannot climb up the mountain on the seals side of the bridge past the tree area where you can see through the mountain.
4) Copperhead (All): Cannot snipe the watchtower from spawn 1.
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Rules and Regulations
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